If Big Business Had Its Way…

Corporations and insurance companies will stop at nothing to deny your workers’ compensation claim. Find out how to protect your benefits from corporate greed.

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Corporations and Insurance Companies Want to Strip Injured Workers of the Benefits They Deserve so They Can Hold on to More of Their Profits.

Did You Know…

Denying Your Rights

Workers’ compensation statutes take away your constitutional right to hold your employer accountable before a jury.

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No Pain and Suffering

Workers’ compensation benefits do not include consideration for pain and suffering, no matter how devastating your injuries are.

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The Injured Make Less

Workers’ with permanent partial disability receive 40 percent less in earning than their non-injured coworkers.

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Fraud in the System?

Despite claims of rampant fraud, studies show that only 1% of employees have engaged in workers’ compensation fraud.

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Real Stories

Allen lost his life to a company’s desire for money and profits. Had the contractor sent in to do work at Allen’s plant been more concerned with safety and less with getting the job, Allen would be alive. Instead, he died a horrifying and painful death due to the contractor’s negligence.

Anne worked as a certified nursing assistant until an 8- to 10-lb. battery fell off a defective piece of equipment and landed on her foot and ankle. She is now permanently disabled, can only walk two blocks at most, and experiences persistent pain.

Don, an electrician for an electrical contractor, was working at a power company when he was subjected to over 12,000 volts of electricity due to the power company’s negligence. The electricity entered Don’s body through his hand and blew out of the back of his head. Don should have died – suffering multi-organ failure several times, receiving burns on over 60 percent of his body and even more damaging internal burns and injuries, and undergoing painful reconstructive surgeries for his face, hands, and bodily integrity. His life has been turned upside-down by the negligence of others.

Steve was a single father, working hard to provide for his children. His ability to do that was destroyed by carelessness and violations of company policies. Steve narrowly avoided being crushed to death, sustaining severe bodily injury when he was trapped between a dump truck and a bulldozer.